Medical Oxygen (MO2)

Oxygen is essential to life. Among living organisms only certain minute forms of plant life can exist without it. In the process of respiration the air is taken into the lungs where a certain amount of oxygen is absorbed by the blood. It is then carried to all parts of the body, oxidizing the worn-out tissues and changing them into substances which may readily be eliminated from the body. The heat generated by this oxidation is the source of the heat of the body. The small amount of oxygen which water dissolves from the air supports all the varied forms of aquatic animals.

Oxygen is also used in the treatment of certain diseases in which the patient is unable to inhale sufficient air to supply the necessary amount of oxygen.

At Satramdas, We supply oxygen gas in cylinders of 7 cm3, 1.4 cm3, 0.6 m3 capacities & liquid oxygen in dura cylinder. The quality of gas complying with indian pharmaceutical standards.

Uses of medical oxygen

Widely used in hosptals for breathing purposes.

Uses of industrial oxygen

Widely used in industries in welding and cutting purposes.